Mushers into Kalskag – Pete Into Whitefish – Mike Jr. SPOT Down

Rohn Buser is leading a pack of 3 or 4 mushers into Kalskag at this hour. Pete and the team are just at the Whitefish Lake cabin. I am thinking that Mike Williams Jr. is not listed correctly by the SPOT. shows him out of the Aniak Checkpoint, but his Tracker is not moving. He was in the middle pack, so I anticipate, unless Mike Jr. is truly not moving.

Louis Ambrose is now out of Aniak as well, so that would put everyone through the checkpoint. If anyone has info. Send me an eMail –



Back in the Pack

Pete and the Team are back on the trail. That puts them back on course and headed for Kalskag. Look for a snack break sometime between now and that checkpoint.

It has got to be a downer to lose the trail, but I imagine that a little battle has been won by just getting back on the trail.

The little jaunt into the wilderness cost him about 3 hours total. Out of the running, but not out of the race!!

My philosophy is that support is more important during those less than perfect times we face. A pat on the back is fine when all is well, but it really makes a difference when times are tough.

Go Team Kaiser!

Looks like we need a GPS sponsor!!

Headed back to the Trail.

Wow! What a day!! A fabulous Win for Jen and the B-Team and lost trail for Pete and the A-Team!

GPS Tracker shows Pete and the Team headed back to the trail. I just got off the phone with Janet and of course they are a bit bummed about the turn of events, but remain hopeful that this will just be a speed bump in the career of Peter Kaiser.

Conditions on the trail right now aren’t the best. He is headed into the wind that is gusting to about 30 mph. That will slow his progress substantially and GPS tracker confirms this. His speed is down to about 7 mph or so, down from the almost 10 he had been making. In about 2 miles he will find the trail and be able to rejoin the race.

Make sure to show your support for Team Kaiser by adding comments to our pages. Pete reads them when not on the trail and our support surely drives him to run the races we only dream about. Jen also reads the comments so make sure to leave behind support on her articles as well.

Go Team Kaiser!


Off the trail…

Just spoke to Dave Diehl in Aniak. Apparently Pete is off the trail. They are supposed to be sending snowmachines out to let him know he has missed the trail. Originally we were thinking that it was a Satellite GPS problem, but apperently he has missed the trail turn off.

There is a big Trail Marker that is marked with reflective tape as well that indicates the turnoff. We aren’t sure what has happened, but I am sure Pete will have stories to tell once we hear from him.

He isn’t the first big time musher to lose the trail in a big race. Over the years it has happened to the best of them.

Dave said that Pete’s dogs look great and he was gaining on the leaders who are bunched up at the head of the pack.

I also called Myron Angstman and asked him his thoughts. Basically it is a pretty tough deal on dogs and the Musher when this kind of thing happens. He is about an hour off the trail, so he has another hour to get back on the trail. But not only that, his schedule is going to be off because he will more than likely have to snack his dogs at some point before he gets to Kalskag. That will take a bit more time.

The thing to remember here is that this is Mushing. Anything can happen and usually does.

Pete Makes His Move

Team Kaiser is on the go. A quick sign in to the checkpoint and off on the trail! I spoke with Janet a minute ago and she said Richie Diehl’s father was hoping that Richie could make it through without stopping as well. Veteran Musher Nathan Underwood had this problem in the past where the dogs think they are home and don’t want to head back on the trail. Richie has lots of experience though, and I don’t think he’ll be there long.

Pete is now in 4th place according to the Tracker.

Lance Mackey, Rohn Buser, and Paul Gebhardt are in front of him in that order. The next real test will be times into Kalskag. This is a tough section of the trail out over the tundra, but conditions are absolutely excellent right now. This is also the longest section of the race between checkpoints. There is a tent on Whitefish lake, but it is not a checkpoint and mushers won’t stop. They will head for Kalskag where water and soup await. A short break in Kalskag will have the mushers starting on the road to the Finish line.

Go Team Kaiser!