Fan Fotos – Roberta

It’s wonderful to see a hometown musher go by on the Yentna River.
A group of us rode out to cheer on Pete and offer him a bag of goodies for his long trip.
Go Team Kaiser!

Iditarod Ceremonial Start – YOU ARE THERE!

I think there was a show named You Are There. In any case, as we wait for Team Kaiser to reach the Mighty Yukon River, I’ve got some fun things to look at. SO what if YOU were the Iditarider? Here is what you would see:

Fan Fotos – Willow Restart Kaiser Fans

This motley crew of handlers and supporters at the 2012 Willow Restart. Looks like a bunch of fun!


Bethany Willow Restart Photos 2

Real nice photos of the Team! Thanks Bethany! (She stayed up very late to get these to me)

Bethany Willow Restart Photos 1

A Few More Start Photos

Here are a some photos from Emerie Fairbanks at the Restart-

2012 Willow Restart Photos

Here they come! Photos! Photos! Photos!

From the look of the faces, everyone had a great time! It looks like the entire Shantz-Kaiser clan showed up to cheer Pete on!

Mike Williams Jr. 2012 Willow Restart Video