Audio – As the Last Mushers Arrive – 2012 Iditarod is Officially Over!

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Listen to the Nome Siren. When a team gets to within 2 miles of Nome, the siren is sounded.  Each musher gets this honor and it signifies the end is near and also tells everyone in Nome to head down to the Finish Line to cheer on the musher.

What a Great Race! I was honored to be a small part of it as we journeyed across the State with Pete and the Team! — John Wallace, Web Guy.

The Story of the Night – Mike Williams Jr. – 2012 8th Place Finisher

Sorry Folks! After an entire day of photos, I finally gave out. But not before staying around to see Mike Williams Jr. almost catch Mitch Seavey into the Finish Line. Mike Jr. left White Mountain almost 3 hours after John Baker and Mitch Seavey. By Safety Mike and his Team had closed the gap to less than 30 minutes. As Mitch Seavey crossed finish line, there was Mike Jr. less than 90 seconds behind. It was a truly great effort and Mike’s 8th place finish is truly one to savor. Had there been another mile in the race, I think Mike would have passed him. In the end, Mike Williams Jr. comes in 8th place and his family’s best yet.

Mike’s Mom and Dad, Mike Sr. and Maggie, were visibly proud with tears in their eyes as he crossed the line. Team Kaiser congratulates Mike for an epic run. Go Team Williams!!

Mike Williams Jr. – 8th Place 2012 Iditarod Finisher – 9Days 13Hours 12Minutes 18Seconds – Fastest Team Safety to Nome – Finishing with 12 Dogs.

Here are Mike’s Finish Photos-