Ron Kaiser interview back from Shageluk

Funny story about a mirage on the trail. Ron relates the story. Apparently he had been pretty tired and kept seeing a man standing next to him on the sled. So this happens several times and then he sees another man up on the trail. So he reaches out to slap the man on the trail and wouldn’t you know it, IT’S A REAL MAN!! Totally freaked Pete out. Apparently there was an Iditawalker on the trail. In any case– Funny!

Photos from Shageluk

Just got done having a chat with Ron Kaiser. Myron Angstman flew Ron and Rick Hanson to Anvik and Shageluk yesterday. The team caught a bit of stomach trouble in Nikolai and are about recovered from it. I have a video interview with Ron that I am uploading right now.

The photos of John Baker are from Anvik. The rest from Shageluk.

Here are the photos:

And now folks, the Second half of the Race!

Pete and the team will be readying to go at this point. The first half of the race over, mushers will now concentrate on the prize– Finishing the 2011 Iditarod! All layovers will be over at this point so it’s a new race and a new part of the State.

Mushers will head north on the mighty Yukon river to the Kaltag. Then over the portage to Unalakleet and then up the coast to Nome. A far different race awaits them.

At 16:53, Pete will be able to depart Shageluk onward to Anvik.

I can’t wait for the report from Myron and Ron this evening which I’ll pass on to you as soon as I get it!

And We Wait…

Pete got into the Shageluk checkpoint at 08:53 this morning. He has now been there long enough that I expect he has declared his Yukon River 8 hour layover. This makes sense because he ran good times last night and may have moved to a Night Run Day Rest schedule because of the warm weather.

No word from Shageluk. Word is that the phones may not be working.

Wahoo! We’re moving now!!

Pete’s time from Iditarod to Shageluk was second fastest of the 18 mushers into the checkpoint. Myron Angstman has a contact in that checkpoint that spoke to Pete when he got in. Pete is going to be there “awhile.” But who knows how long that will be.

Temperatures last night were pretty chilly and I am speculating that going later was probably better as the trail probably hardened in the cold night air. When you stir up loose snow, it takes a couple of hours, but it gets as hard as iron when it’s cold.

Pete’s Dad and Myron are flying to Shageluk and at this time are airborne. Richie Diehl took off from Aniak at 5 this morning to show up and cheer the team on as well. It is a 90 mile ride from Aniak by snowgo and a 150 mile ride by airplane.

Nice Job Pete!! (And the team!!! 🙂 )

Shageluk within the hour

Pete is moving along nicely. He is 7 miles out from the checkpoint at this time. If he pushes to Anvik, that will be another 3-4 hours. It is a toss up as to what he will do. Mike Jr. and some of his peers are resting in Shageluk, but the front runners have pushed on to Anvik. He’ll be under some mental pressure to be sure, but the final decision will come down to the dogs.