Thanks to Online Donations!

Thanks to the following for their ONLINE donations to Team Kaiser! Your help is really appreciated!

Gary and Jina Dickerson – $500

Gary Fredericks – $150

Judy Wasierski – $100

Don Rearden – $100

Diane McEachern – $100

Buddy and Susan Herron – $100

Every dollar counts! Your support Makes It Happen!



Maintaining the Lead

Pete is maintaining his lead and may have even picked up a mile over Jessie Royer. Dee Dee Jonrowe is moving nicely today and the 8 hour rest may have given her dogs enough to go after Royer.

Team Kaiser is 28 miles from Safety and 40 miles from Nome. Go Team GO!

Royer could be a problem…

Jessie Royer is out of White Mountain.

Taking a look at Pete’s times last night, his Koyuk to White Mountain time, though fast, was not as fast as last year. We need to keep on eye on her, a 6 mile lead is only about 45 minutes.

Pete and the Team need a trouble free run to stay in 8th place.

It’s not over yet folks! I’ll keep you posted.