Pete Kaiser – 8th Place – 2011 Iditarod

The Cams got overloaded, but I am sure he is over the line.


Photos and other goodies coming directly from Nome!

I had about given up and then THERE HE WAS!!! I got to see it after all and I recorded it so I can post it shortly.

Team Kaiser - 2011 8th Place Finisher

Safety Checkpoint time Fastest!

This is one fast team. It seemed to come together in the last half of the race. After a bit of doggie flu out of Nikolai, the team recovered by Shageluk and turned on the power.

6hours 22minutes from White Mountain to Safety- Impressive

3 Miles out!!

13 Miles to GO!

Pete is 13 miles from Nome. Amazing performance!

I am not sure I can form the phrase that puts this race in perspective. But to end the race on a day such as this, as beautiful conditions that you could possibly imagine is something that is usually only read about, not experienced.

He’ll end his perfet race at the sunset of a perfect day– Wow!