13 Miles to GO!

Pete is 13 miles from Nome. Amazing performance!

I am not sure I can form the phrase that puts this race in perspective. But to end the race on a day such as this, as beautiful conditions that you could possibly imagine is something that is usually only read about, not experienced.

He’ll end his perfet race at the sunset of a perfect day– Wow!

Maintaining the Lead

Pete is maintaining his lead and may have even picked up a mile over Jessie Royer. Dee Dee Jonrowe is moving nicely today and the 8 hour rest may have given her dogs enough to go after Royer.

Team Kaiser is 28 miles from Safety and 40 miles from Nome. Go Team GO!

Royer could be a problem…

Jessie Royer is out of White Mountain.

Taking a look at Pete’s times last night, his Koyuk to White Mountain time, though fast, was not as fast as last year. We need to keep on eye on her, a 6 mile lead is only about 45 minutes.

Pete and the Team need a trouble free run to stay in 8th place.

It’s not over yet folks! I’ll keep you posted.

Day 9- The final Stretch to Nome- Out of White Mountain

Pete has departed White Mountain!

The Iditarod may have a new Champion, but our race is far from over. 77 miles lies between White Mountain and the Burled Arches.

Pete and the Team have a beautiful day in front of them, but make no mistake, it’s all about mushing today! A good ten hour run will put Pete into Nome later this evening.

John Baker made the run from White Mountain to Nome in 9 hours and 42 minutes. Pete will probably make a conservative run as he has no one to chase. I figure though, that he does have a faster team and they should do it in about 9 to 9 1/2 hours. That should put him into the Finish at between 10:15 and 11:00pm tonight.