Koyuk Report – Wassillie Mute

Wassillie Mute just called Janet and said the Team looked great coming into Koyuk. Wassillie said that Pete actually came in BEFORE Haltmann even though Iditarod.com is reporting differently.

He is taking photos with a cell phone and going to try to send them our way!

Nice Job Team Kaiser!!

Into Koyuk – Top Gun!!

Pete and the Team into Koyuk at 10:56.

ONE MINUTE Behind SVEN!! His run time was the fastest again over the trail from Shaktoolik to Koyuk besting both Baker and Smyth.

Nice Run from Unalakleet to Koyuk. Expect a rest period here before starting west towards Elim and White Mountain.

Looking at last year and this year, Pete and the Team are making longer runs and longer rest periods, but it is paying off with great trail times.

Updating Stats as we speak.

Gaining on Haltmann

GPS shows Pete and the Team gaining progressively on Sven Haltmann. Sven had a 90 minute advantage out of Unalakleet, but I think Team Kaiser has the faster, more durable team. (And they train on Glare Ice and Snow) Stay tuned! He is less than a mile behind Haltmann and they are 5 miles out of Koyuk.

Looking at the Standings- Pete has made most of his time up on Haltman from Shaktoolik north.

The Race for 11th

Five mushers are within close striking distance to the top 10. Presently they are lined up within short distances of each other. Sven Haltmann is leading the pack followed by Pete, Aliy Zirkle, Mike Williams Jr., and Ken Anderson. 2 miles apart at 8 miles per hour is a 15 minute separation. Anything can happen (And will!!)