John Baker into Safety

The last checkpoint slides by- Nome is next for Team Baker!

Expect a finish between 9 and 10 am!

In 2002 Martin Buser finished with a time of 8 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes, and 2 seconds to set the fastest winning time.

John Baker is going to beat this record by 3-4 hours!

50 long minutes…

Official posting shows that John Baker and Ramey Smyth had identical times from Elim to White Mountain. Smyth arrived 50 minutes after Baker so that may be enough of a lead to hold. 50 minutes is about the 6-7 mile lead that Baker held the entire way. John can leave at 6 after midnite on his way to Nome. Would this be the first Inupiaq to win??

Baker into White Mountain!

John Baker just arrived into White Mountain. Ramey Smyth is about 7 miles behind him. That’s not quite an hour lead into the checkpoint and an 8 hour mandatory rest stop. They’ll get a vet check, some food, some sleep, and be ready to do a night run into Nome. Looking like a morning finish for the front runners.


Mike Jr. Update – Into Koyuk

Team Williams is into Koyuk with a very good time of 6 hours 28 minutes. He is running 9 dogs, but with a time like that, things must be going according to plan.

Teams are taking between 4 and 5 hour rest breaks in Koyuk in anticipation of the last stretch to White Mountain where they get a mandatory 8 hour layover/break.

John Baker is still 18 miles, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours from White Mountain. His lead is 7 miles or about 50 minutes. He may have increased that lead slightly.

We’ll keep you posted and are still waiting for photos.

Finish Prediction

John Baker is 54 miles from White Mountain. That’s 7 hours if he goes direct which puts him into White Mountain about 2pm. Then the 8 hour layover which means 10pm. A 9 hour run at the best to Nome might put him into the Burled Arches by 6 or 7 tomorrow morning. But I really think I am being optimistic.

Ramey Smyth is shorting rest, so we’ll see how long he can do that.

No one better blink…

They are not giving up without a fight!

John Baker got a chance to rest, but Ramey Smith and Hans Gatt aren’t giving up without a fight. John got a 3 hour rest, and they took none. His 20 mile lead has now dwindled to 6 miles. This is going to be interesting and VERY exciting. GPS shows Baker with a speed advantage, but not by too much. Baker is just now heading out onto the ice on the way to Koyuk. This part of the trail is like the moon. No land marks to speak of and time just slowly churns by. You don’t have much to gauge how you are doing until you get much closer to Koyuk. Go John Baker!

Trail times for the three are within 4 minutes– It’s not over yet! At this point a small mistake becomes a huge ordeal and can really cause trouble for the leader. It’s a shootout and someone has to blink. John has a bigger gun, but the boys are ready for anything!