Pete Wins the NAC 4 Wheeler

Northern Air Cargo donates a 4 wheeler each year for a mushers drawing. The way it worked was as each musher went up to the podium, they picked a key from a jar. Only one of the keys in the jar would actually start the machine. Pete looked at the remaining keys and surmised the situation. Hmmm… One of those keys is not like the others…. Hmmm…. So he picked a key and lo and behold, it started!! Just in time, Janet told me, as the one in the dog yard is completely shot!! Congratulations and Thanks Northern Air Cargo!!

Words of Thanks from Pete Kaiser

Thank you everyone for all the support and encouragment..Dogs are headed home today for some well deserved rest and relaxation. Ill try to get a recap of our race on the website sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks for following along. Pete