Cub Reporter- Bev Hoffman- At the Willow Restart

Willow Restart by Bev Hoffman

This is Pete Kaiser just 3 miles from the start line in Willow.  We had signs up and had the crowd around us yelling go pete go.   He was pretty suprised to see our signs and the folks shouting before he headed into the trees off of LOng Lake in Willow. (don’t you just love that smile   He only has what 1,045 miles to go!!  )- Bev Hoffman-McDonald

Pete Kaiser is on his way to Nome!

Current Position

Pete's Current Position

Pete Kaiser is on his way to Nome. He left just after 4pm today in front of a crowd of spectators in Willow, AK. He is starting at the end of the pack, so he has a bit of a trench to follow as the trail gets a bit scraped out as the 66 previous teams have gone before him. Temperatures have cooled some, so that will be a plus. It was a bit too warm for the last few days. Apparently the trail past Rainy Pass in the Puntilla Lake area is pretty deep snow. Trail crews are working on it presently.

Pete’s team looked real good and were raring to go! A video will be posted shortly.

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