Wow! Even Online it was fun!

I’ll have to admit, I got goosebumps! So fun to watch it all happen! What a great effort and great ending.

Something I haven’t touched on, but is truly part of why this turned out as it did, was a combination of luck, weather, training, and most importantly, dog care. You don’t just show up for a dog race and go 1000 miles. It takes dedication, effort, and true care and understanding of animals. Very Nice!

Just Crossing the Line!

2 Miles Out! Last Trail Report!

This is it folks! Our last trail report of the 2010 Iditarod Trail Race.

Pete Kaiser and his Team are inbound and folks are gathering to meet him. We can only imagine what everyone from his Mom and Dad to his Sister up in Fairbanks are all feeling. Very proud I am sure. Pete can feel proud as well of a fine job throughout the trail.

Next up- THE FINISH!

The Lights of Nome are in Sight

The last Nine miles of this Great Race. I am going to have Iditarod withdrawls for a week!!!

Pete and the Team are 2 miles in front of Musher Thomas Lesatz. Both mushers will finish “In the Money.”

The Bethel Crowd is building at the Finish Line to Welcome the Team to Nome and we’ll be right here for all of the action.