Meet Pete’s Iditarider, Gail

A little info from the Iditarider,

I joined the Canadian Forces at the age of 17 to “see the world”.  I’m currently stationed to Elmendorf Airforce Base here in Alaska and live in
Peters Creek with my husband Fred and our golden retriever Arden.
I went to my first Iditarod at Willow in 2008 and thought it was amazing.  I love dogs and think the whole idea of “The Race” exciting. I will be retiring from the military next month and when I made
that decision I knew I wanted to do something big to remember my time in Alaska. Being an Iditarider was perfect.

I know I was fortunate to ride with Pete.  He was gracious enough to pose for pictures each time we asked and answered our many questions. His
family and friends are super too, letting myself, Fred and our friends share their enthusiasm.  I hope Pete knows he has fans throughout Canada that are cheering for him.

Gail Carleton

Cub Reporter from the Trail- Andy visits Pete in Takotna

Pete is probably on the trail by now, but Iditarod just hasn’t updated the website. He could have left after noon.

Just got off the phone with Grant Fairbanks who sent me a whole slew of photos. Apparently he missed Pete, so Andy Angstman rented a snowmachine and headed over to Takotna to visit with Pete. (I am trying to track Andy down to talk to him)

I just posted the Photos on the photo page, but here’s one for you. Pete is doing very well. In fact he said that Pete, Mike Williams Jr. and Quinn Iten looked like the just got in from Kwethluk, where the rest looked pretty Trail Weary!!

Pete in Takotna