Rick Hanson gets Computer Help

Rick and Little Bit, a little blind dog, look at Race Updates at www.kaiserracing.com

Cub Reporters Bethel Basketball Team- Cheers for Pete and Mike!

Bethel Basketball players getting ready to cheer for the Home Team- Kaiser Kennel and Williams Kennels!

Go Team Go!

Cub Reporter Corinne Trish- More Pete in Koyuk

A couple more in Koyuk!

Cub Reporter Corinne Trish- Pete in Koyuk Signing Autographs

Thanks for these from Corinne Trish in Koyuk- Apparently Pete is quite the Celebrity!

Signing Autographs

Cub Reporter Don Towarak- Photos from Unalakleet

Great Photos of Pete headed into Unalakleet! Thanks Don!!

Kaltag Vet Check

Our Iditarider, Gail has once again been straining the web for Kaiser photos and stuff.

Here’s her new find: Jeff Schultz photos, a nice site for photos that you can buy prints. Check it out here!

Here is a sampling of the Vet Check in Kaltag:

Vet Check Kaltag

Vet Check Kaltag

Pete and a Dog Doc in Kaltag

A Few More Photos from Galena

You’ll enjoy these! Thanks to Paul and Isabella in Galena!

Pete in Galena

In Galena

In Galena

Cub Reporters- Paul and Isabella Apfelbeck- Pete in Galena

Paul and Isabella Apfelbeck were gracious enough to make sure they got us the photos right away! Team looks pretty darn good doesn’t it? So does Pete!

Coming In to Galena

Coming in to Galena

Signing in at Galena

Talking with Checker in Galena