Fairbanks Restart Photos!

A picture is worth 1000 words… It was just a beautiful day and one of the most fun Starting Line Events I have covered. I’ll let the pictures do the talking–

Off For Nome, but First Nenana!

What a great day! We were expecting a bit of the madness from 2015, but it was all but gone and it is a credit to the Iditarod Trail Committee for pulling it off so nicely.

Rick Hanson and I ran around getting a few things and of course coffee and breakfast for Pete and the crew. Pete, Ron, Beth, and Ari, showed up just about 8:30 and everything just fell into place nicely.

This year they gave ample time for all Teams to make it to the Start Line and it just was a brilliantly nice day. It was cold enough that the handwarmers I had did nothing at all. But as the sun warmed, the warmers picked up speed, and it was hot action at below zero!!

Pete and the Team were off on-time at 10:50 am. The sun plays tricks with you this far North and it seems like much later. In any case, now we are blasting off to meet Pete and the Team in Nenana after a short break at his ranch halfway to Nenana.

I have lots of photos and video, but now we have to hit the trail ourselves!

Stay tuned!

Go Team Kaiser!

BRRR!!! Cold Morning in Fairbanks!

A warm bed was hard to leave this morning as we looked at the temperature reading out on our phones. Pete and the Team, with Ari, Bethany, and Ron, made the trip up to near their place in Nenana, while the rest of the Pit Crew rode Alaska Airlines and are here in Fairbanks.

The sun is slowly rising as well as Pete and Ron are readying the Team for the short 30 minute ride into town for this morning’s 2017 Iditarod Start.

This was what we had heard- Clear and Cold. Here in Interior Alaska the sun is a real bonus and temperatures will rise slowly to an expected -5 high for today. Pete and the Team will be leaving the Starting Line at 10:50am, so if you are in Fairbanks, bundle up and join us to send off the Team!

Today’s run will take Pete and the Team down the Chena River towards the Nenana River and down the trail to Nenana, where we will meet him and give him his first Checkpoint bag. This is the unique part of a Fairbanks Start, where Pit Crews meet their Teams in the Nenana Checkpoint. It’s about a 50 mile ride to Nenana for us, but a 60 mile run over the river trail.

Of course I’ll have photos and more from today, but expect a bit of a blackout as we speed here and there supporting Pete and the Team.

The Iditarod Insider will have the live start, so if you are a subscriber, make sure to tune in!

Go Team Kaiser!!


A BEAUTiful Morning for Racing!

As I was making my way down to the Ceremonial Start this morning, I’ll have to admit I was thinking about the cold and the lack of coffee. After 7 Starts in Anchorage, it isn’t old stuff, but we at Kaiser Racing have begun to have somewhat of a routine. But then the magic happens… The sound of the dogs, the excitement of the fans, and soon, without notice or regard, you begin to realize that THIS is why we race. Surely mushing is a solitary sport, but this magic morning once a year brings us face to face with cheering fans and thousands of people sharing the love for dogs and Alaska.

I think this was one of the most fun in recent memory. The weather began a bit cold, but once the sun rose, the temperatures rose as did the fever pitch of dog sled racing. Granted this section of the race is meaningless to winning and completing, but this morning was special and as our Iditarider ,Hannah Pedersen from Washington, said, “I can’t quite put words to it, but it was OUTSTANDING!!”

Here are the Ceremonial Start line photos for Team Kaiser 2017! I have quite a bit of content to share so stay tuned. Videos, and photos from the Campbell Creek checkpoint are coming soon also.

Ceremonial Start Day – Join Us! Live Webcam! Facebook Live!

Live from the Starting Line. Hit page refresh to see it change.

Good Morning Race Fans!!

The weather is warming and the sun is a-rising! Join us down at downtown Anchorage for the Ceremonial Start of the 2017 Iditarod Trail Race!

The biggest celebration of Sled Dogs is happening this very morning. Weather reports call for a high of 20 degrees this morning, however it is going to be a bit chilly until the sun rises, so dress warm. Stop by and get a photo with Pete and Nik and the Team and wish him well before we head to the Interior for Monday’s official start for the trail to Nome.

Can’t make it? We have you covered as well! Donlin Gold, Team Kaiser’s Prime Sponsor will be televising a Facebook Live session at 9:45 this morning. Why 9:45? Well, at 10:50 he leaves the Starting Line here in Anchorage, and Donlin was kind enough to give him a bit of time to have everything just right.

Head on over to Donlin Gold’s Facebook page about 9:30 or so and scroll down just a bit and you will find the Facebook Live with Pete and the Team. (Remember– It’s live, so don’t miss it)

https://www.facebook.com/DonlinGold/ for the Facebook Live!

Thanks Donlin!