2015 Finish Time Guess #1

Playing with Statistics as Teams head down the river towards Tuluksak and a 4 hour break:

Just using outbound times for Rohn Buser, the elapsed time (not taking into account any checkpoint times) for his Team was 8hrs 11 minutes. Add 4 hours to that and add that to departure time from Kalskag on the way down at 1/1715 at 15:52. That puts a Finish as early as 4:00am or so.

Factors to consider:

  1. Whether speed can maintain on latter part of the race.
  2. Conditions are different now that there is snow on the trail
  3. Temperatures are cooler without rain or water on the trail.
  4. Checkpoint times to drop dogs

It’s going to be an early one. In the old days before the tracker, we wouldn’t know until a snowmachiner ran into headquarters with the news- “They’re Coming!” The tracker is really a blessing!


Ron Kaiser’s Finish Photos

One of the jolliest guys I know, and gracious to the end. I’m sure he was hoping for a better finish, but in the end, he pulled off a pretty good feat– He made it around with healthy dogs, He didn’t get hurt, and he got in some great training for the B-Team. The Team looked great as they crossed the line, they’ll just need a bit more training to get on the Varsity squad.

Here are Ron’s photos- Congratulations on a job well done!

Congratulations to Jackie Larson 2015 Bogus Creek Champion


What a race! It’s not for the money. It’s for the crown and year after year they come to claim it. This year Jackie had the best team, but next year you can be sure that we will see similar faces to battle it out for the glory!

Here’s the final placing for the 2013 Bogus Creek 150:

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 4.47.18 PM

Here are some photos from the finish:

Pete “Shedding the Wimps” and Going for Speed Out of Kalskag

Pete is back on the trail out of Kalskag bound for the 4 hour mandatory layover in Tuluksak 50 miles away. Listen to this radio report from KYUK where Pete describes leaving 3 in Kalskag. “Shedding the Wimps” meaning the weaker dogs will have to watch from the sidelines as the strong dogs take charge on this last stretch of the race. This might not seem like many dogs, but it is a standard practice and last year during the Iditarod, many teams were down in numbers with much more mileage to race. GO TEAM KAISER! Oh, and Race Fans? It’s going to be an early one, so nap now and meet us at the Finish line in the wee hours of the morning!

Holy Moly! Second Position into Kalskag. Making up Time!

Young Mr. Kaiser is pulling out the stops! In a race where minutes mean everything, Pete is chipping away at the leader mile by mile. He left Kalskag in 6th position and arrived back after the Aniak loop in 2nd position. This is the highest position Pete and the Team have been during this race.

A few important bullets:

  1. Rohn Buser, the leader, has a 25 minute lead on Team Kaiser.
  2. Team Kaser made the Aniak loop (75-80 miles) in 6:23, the fastest time.
  3. Rohn Buser made the Aniak loop in 6:44, 21 minutes slower.

Here is the latest spreadsheet. GO TEAM KAISER!!

K300 Stats 2015-01-17 at 3.48.43 PM