Go Pete Go! Go Team Go!

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It was thought that a person could catch a catnap to ready for the finish line…

That’s hardly an option!!

Mr. Kaiser and his Team are now leading the 2015 Kuskokwim 300! Rohn Buser is not giving up without a fight and the two young men and their Teams are battling away as Jeff King maintains his 3rd position about 3 miles behind them. Not far behind Jeff, Tony Browning lies awaiting as well in 4th position. As the three teams pass in front of Akiak, the drama continues on the Kuskokwim. The Finish is going to be a barn burner with 6 Teams coming across in under an hour. I figure the Winner will cross between 5 and 6am at this point.

We are all on the edge of our seats! Join Us! Go Pete Go!!

The battle is hardly over as we have 3 hours of racing in front of us!

Go Team Kaiser!

And We Wait…. Go Pete GO!!

As Pete said in his KYUK Interview and also in our Pre-Race Interview. The Team will go as fast as its able and that will be that. For those of us watching the Tracker though, well, that’s easier said than done.

The next 5 to 6 hours will go pretty slow for us as we see the race unfold. The top six teams are within an hour of the leader!

Both Rohn and Pete are now back on the trail and, in a short bit, will be joined by Jeff King.

This, Folks, is why we are all here! It’s really not who wins or loses, it’s seeing the action and feeling the excitement! Enjoy it as it doesn’t get better than this. So many times there is a sure winner. That’s never this much fun!

I think back, just last year, when Jeff King himself had to scratch at SAFETY in the Iditarod! Anything can happen in this last 50 miles so enjoy the ride! It’s going to be a fun one!!

The story line is great as the reigning Champ is followed closely by the Hometown favorite, but never much out of the reach of the wise old fox, Jeff King.

I’m putting my money on Team Kaiser! Go Pete GO!!


The Homestretch Awaits… 50 Miles to the Finish!

It’s getting pretty exciting down here at Team Kaiser Central. Pete and his Team have 7 short minutes to make up on the 50 mile section from Tuluksak.

In terms of a Finish Time, it is looking like an early morning, but maybe not as early as expected previously. My Guess #2 is now between 5:30am and 7am. Rohn can leave first at 12:31am followed closely by Pete and the Team at 12:38. Jackie Larson’s Team made the trek in just under 6 hours. I am not sure the speed difference between a Bogus Team and a K300 Team, but I would venture to guess that the K300 Teams may be a bit faster. Last year, Rohn made the trip in 5 hours, which would put the Teams near the mark of 5:30 and 7:00am.

Here is the make up of the top 10 Teams into Tuluksak:

rank musher Tuluksak (inbound) checkin time Time Musher Can Leave Tuluksak (inbound) enroute time
1 Rohn Buser 1/17/15 20:31 1/18/15 0:31 4:39:00
2 Peter Kaiser 1/17/15 20:38 1/18/15 0:38 4:22:00
3 Jeff King 1/17/15 20:54 1/18/15 0:54 4:20:00
4 Tony Browning 1/17/15 21:08 1/18/15 1:08 4:31:00
5 Ken Anderson 1/17/15 21:13 1/18/15 1:13 4:40:00
6 Martin Buser 1/17/15 21:23 1/18/15 1:23 5:04:00
7 Brent Sass 1/17/15 21:46 1/18/15 1:46 5:08:00
8 John Baker 1/17/15 22:30 1/18/15 2:30 4:58:00
9 Aaron Burmeister 1/17/15 22:39 1/18/15 2:39 5:13:00
10 Cim Smyth 1/17/15 22:40 1/18/15 2:40 5:08:00

It’s all in the Minutes… Pete Into Tuluksak

Official Times are now posted- Notice 17 Minute gain in 50 miles. Looking to see Jeff Kings Times…

Position musher Tuluksak (inbound) checkin time Tuluksak (inbound) enroute time elapsed time
1 Rohn Buser 1/17/15 20:31 4:39:00 26:01:00
2 Peter Kaiser 1/17/15 20:38 4:22:00 26:08:00

It’s all in the minutes now. Pete and the Team left Kalskag 24 minutes behind Rohn Buser and now is just 1/2 mile or so back as they enter the Tuluksak checkpoint and a 4 hour layover. Each musher must plan their minutes very carefully here so as not to cause any problems. The luxury they have, though, is that they are “Off the Clock” so to speak and can snack their dogs, bed them down a bit and maybe take a short break themselves.

Pete has gained 24 minutes in the course of 50 miles, but his competition might not be in front of him as Jeff King is bearing down from the rear. He also has made up quite a bit of time and once the official times are in, we will know how much work Pete has in store for him on the last 50 miles into Bethel.

Bogus 150 Musher Louis Pavilla arrived soaking wet from kicking so hard in his attempt to catch Winner Jackie Larson. A bit of rest might be in order for our favorite musher to prepare for this next challenge to the finish.

Stay Tuned! GO TEAM Kaiser!

Mushing Weather for tonight has similar conditions as they have been encoutering since Kalskag with a possibility of a bit more snow. The trail is well marked, so a bit of snow shouldn’t cause any difficulty.


It’s going to be exciting!