Video – Andy Angstman Moves Up


Generally at this point in the race, we have commentary from Andy Angstman. In fact, one year he had a column on Kaiser Racing called Andy’s Corner. An Iditarod and Kuskokwim 300 veteran, his analysis has been fun. It is almost ironic that his dad, Myron has filled his shoes, usually its the other way around!

Andy has been announcing the start of the Kuskokwim 300 for several years and this year the Iditarod asked if he would do the Restart in Fairbanks. He also was called on to be a Race Judge in Unalakleet. Having young people move into the race with roles that make a difference is what will keep this sport alive. Congrats Andy!

Here’s the interview I got with him just after the restart (unfortunately he’s taller than I am and the camera was, so we are looking up at him:)–

A Look Back at Yesterday – Restart Photos!


Wow- Yesterday was quite something! The Mushers on the Trail didn’t have the luxury of a restful night before the restart as they often do on a Willow restart. The Start time was at 10:00am instead of 2:00pm, and for those that booked a room at the Pikes Landing, it was an early morning wake-up.

I got up at 5:30am and went out only to meet Pete and his Dad, Ron, already going. Considering I left them doing last minute stuff at 11pm, Pete couldn’t have gotten much sleep. You would never notice it though, as he was busy organizing and getting ready to go.

We all drove over to the staging area at Zero Dark Thirty (6:30am) and waited patiently for our turn to go. It was a bit crowded with all of the Teams and herds and herds of tourists. Here are the photos from the Morning:

What a Day!!


The Team Kaiser pit crew just arrived into Anchorage at 1:00am Tuesday. What a couple of days!

To recap– Fly to Anchorage, Musher’s Drawing, Ceremonial Start, Drive 360 miles to Fairbanks, Restart in Fairbanks, Drive 360 miles to Anchorage. Whew!!

There is much to show and tell, but at this point, its time for a rest.

Today was such an eventful day that started at 6:00am yesterday. We saw the Restart and then rushed to Nenana to see Pete and the Team pass through the checkpoint.

At this hour the tracker shows them headed towards the Manley Checkpoint. It will be a welcome break for Pete and the Team as this is where his Skwentna food drop went and the Team will feast on fish and other fine foods from the Delta.

It’s time for a nap, though and we’ll see you folks in the morning!

Lots of Activity as the Restart Begins

Quickly from the Restart in Fairbanks where Teams are making their way out onto the trail. Fans are crowding in to see the Mushers and Teams that had to be out of the Hotel this morning by 6:30. It is an exciting place as Fairbanks is the center of the mushing Universe this morning. Stay tuned!