The Celebration of Mushing!

Thousands of Mushing Fans from around the State, Nation, and World-wide, gather each first Saturday in March to see the finest examples of Dog Sled mushing anywhere. The Iditarod ceremonial start brings sponsors, race fans, and others to Anchorage in what can only be described as the Mardi-Gras of mushing! From street vendors, to doggie doo doo, the streets were closed off to bring everyone together to see, hear, and smell all that there is in mushing.

Team Kaiser arose early and was in their spot just after 8am this morning. It was a dark foggy start to the morning as folks began to arrive and wish them well. Iditarod officials stopped by a couple of different times– first to check the microchip that every dog must have and second to do a urine sample to make sure that every team is clean as a whistle.

Leaving in 10th position put Team Kaiser at the front of the pack and leaving just after 10:20am.

Here is the first group of photos- there will be several. We had photos with the Iditarider, and embedded with the dog handlers. So sit back and enjoy!

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