Team Kaiser into Yentna

GPS shows Pete and the Team stopped in Yentna. They are 42 miles from Willow and 30 miles from Skwentna. Temperatures in the area are all light winds and 18 degrees. As night approaches temperatues will surely fall a bit, but this warm weather will mean a softer trail especially after Skwentna.

This is an early section of the race where times really are meaningless because some teams in the excitement push too hard and pay for it later.

Here’s an aerial photo of Yentna Station in the daylight.


Teams through Yentna

First teams are in and out of Yenta Station. The first musher was Ray Redington at 5:44pm with a time of 3 hours and 44 minutes. This compares very much to last years times, so rumors of a slow trail at least on this section are just that.

Pete and the Team did this stretch of trail last year in 4 hours and a minute.

Pete did say, though, that he expected the trail to be faster to Skwentna due to the amount of snowmachine traffic which would pack the trail down.

Photos are on the way as we speak of the Restart in Willow.