Day 3 – The Kuskokwim

Team Kaiser is out of Rohn on the Trail to Nikolai. Now out of the Alaska Range, the next stop is the Farewell Burn. Some years this can be a barren patch of open tundra with hardly any snow, but I would assume that this year the trail would have snow, but possibly be a bit soft for teams in the middle of the pack where Pete and the Team are now running. Iditarod Current Standings don’t have Pete out, but GPS shows him on the move and I would guess that he left with Mike Jr. Mike took a 6 hour break in Rohn.

The next 150 miles is Nikolai, McGrath and Takotna, where we will begin to see teams take their mandatory 24 hour break.

Weather this morning is absolutely perfect for mushing, though it may get a little tough to see the trail in some places as day breaks as it appears to be overcast.

All Checkpoints in the area are reporting 14 degrees and calm winds.

Farewell Burn

Into Rohn – Some decide for Nikolai

Pete and Mike were into Rohn at 8:51pm and appear to be resting. Several teams including Jeff King have pushed for Nikolai. This strategy could pay off or could wear down a team. We will start to see 24 hour layovers in McGrath and Takotna, but that is over 120 miles down the trail. The run into Rohn is notoriously difficult, so playing it safe in Rohn is a solid strategy. Morning again will let us see some of what is playing out in positions. See Ya Manana!!