A Man with a Plan

One of the things I like about Pete Kaiser is his method. He makes a plan and pretty much sticks with it. In his interview he was talking about the run from Ophir to Cripple as being a run that he thought he would have to split into two runs depending on the conditions. GPS shows him stopped almost halfway between Ophir and Cripple. Pretty smart move in my book as it is the heat of the day and not so great trail conditions. Take a break and wait it out a bit. I think it is a smart move.

He is holed up on the trail with 5 or so other mushers and we will probably see a 3-4 hour break before he heads out. The tell of the tail will be when the teams reach Ruby. Overall times across the stretch will really determine how much this section of the trail has taken out of teams and how it will affect the rest of their race.

As always, Pete has a plan and is sticking to it.

Through Ophir

Pete and the Team are through Ophir and moving north towards Cripple. Listening to his interview from KNOM he thinks he will probably have to split the trip into two runs. Apparently the trail is soft and has dog chest high snow in places. If that is the case, his position is probably perfect because the leaders will be breaking the trail. Time will tell though. This section of the trail can easily be the toughest. Mike Williams Jr. will share in his interview (coming) that mentally it is pretty challenging as it just seems to go on and on and on.