Day 6 – The Mighty Yukon

Good Morning Race Fans!
GPS currently has Team Kaiser about halfway between Cripple and Ruby and moving nicely. It also shows him in about 11th position 35 mile from Ruby– About halfway between the checkpoints. The gamble to push through without rest from Ophir into Cripple may have not paid out well for some teams. An example is Mike Williams Jr. who arrived into Cripple much earlier than Pete and the Team, but who now is quite a bit back.

Weather in the area:
-11F and Wind at 5mph. Much colder, but a welcome relief from the warm temperatures that teams have been struggling with.

Positions will continue to jockey back and forth and I would think that Team Kaiser might rest again between Cripple and Ruby, but again, it all depends on dogs, trail, and luck.


Into Cripple!

Pete and the Team are into Cripple about 9:30pm. No official time yet. Times are pretty good over this stretch of the trail. Mitch Seavey’s team looked absolutely great as they come into the checkpoint earlier. Mitch commented that the trail good and seemed to be in good spirits. Here’s hoping that Pete and the team had a good run as well!