Iditarod 2012- Day One Good Morning Race Fans!

Good Morning Race Fans!

It looks like Race Strategies are definitely at play. Pete and several other teams were in and out of Skwentna with no rest which means they are on a rest – run schedule already this early in the race.

Pete and Team Kaiser were into Skwentna this morning at 01:14:00 with 16 dogs. He quickly was out at 01:18:00.

GPS now shows him just into Finger Lake and only a couple of miles behind the leader Ray Redington.

Mushers are pretty picky about their run – rest schedule and in some ways many see that as their secret weapon. They learn little things about the team and find that over stressing dogs too early doesn’t help the effort.

It looks like several teams are resting in Finger Lake. The standings may not show it as teams do not have to actually check in to rest. They may stop and rest the dogs and then check in and out as they leave the checkpoint AFTER the rest.