Beautiful Morning to be a Musher!

Good Morning Race Fans!

Pete and the Team are moving along nicely after quite a run last night.

After an 8 hour run, Pete and the Team took a break at 2:00am and rested about 5 hours 30 minutes. At 7:30 they were back on the trail and showing in 13th position.

Brent Sass appears to be the Jackrabbit this year and has quite a substantial lead at this point.

Trail conditions don’t appear to be too bad in terms of trail times and after seeing the Sass Team on the Yukon Trail after Ruby, it looks to be a very fast trail.

The weather this morning is absolutely beautiful. Ruby is reporting 8 degrees, light East wind (10mph) and clear skies. You can’t ask for better conditions.

Not much news from the trail, so we are in kind of a No Man’s Land in terms of information. That will change once we reach the Yukon and are able to see Teams go through checkpoints down the village trail to Kaltag and beyond.

Here’s hoping Mr. Kaiser and the Team are in great spirts as well!

Go Team Kaiser!


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