Good Morning Race Fans!

What an epic run over the night while we slept!

Pete and the Team are running with Richie and Joar out of McGrath. They all took a 3 hour break in Ophir before heading South to the halfway point in Iditarod.

Temperatures are cold, but while Bethel is having a blizzard, the weather for the Teams on the trail is clear and beautiful.

The trio has been steadily gaining on Dallas Seavey and Travis Beals and got within two miles of them. Ron and I were strategizing what might be the plan, when their trackers went orange and ‘resting.’ Hmmm, I thought until I zoomed in and realized that they are all holed up in a BLM Safety cabin about 14 miles from Iditarod. AWESOME! I had been thinking they might head into Iditarod and take a long break, but this means they are breaking the 180 miles into three segments. After a 7 hour run, they are now resting for probably 3-4 hours. The safety cabin has all the comforts of home with bunks, a woodstove, and even an outhouse! The same kind of cabin is at Old Woman and Rohn.

Lots more of the race to go, but for Pete, Richie, and Joar, they are having a great time. Nothing like sharing the trail with guys that share your interest, racing, dog care, and lifestyle. To think that -25 and sleep deprivation is fun for thes guys! Haha! But I’d imagine they are totally in their element.

We’ll keep you posted!

Go Team Kaiser!!


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