21- Day One- Into the Alaska Range

Good Morning Race Fans and welcome to Day One on the Iditarod Trail!

It is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day on the trail if the weather will hold as it is right now. Puntilla, or Rainy Pass Lodge, is reporting 7 degrees, clear skies, and light wind from the Southwest.

Pete and the Team are doing exceptional after two breaks during the evening. At 8pm, they rested for about 3 hours and then upon arriving into Finger Lake, rested for another 4 hours.

At this part of the race, staying within the top 10-15 Teams is a good strategy. 132 miles into the race is not a time to be worried about leading the race.

Today should be an absolutely great day for mushing. The trail will lead Pete and the Team into the amazing sights of the Alaska Range and then towards Rohn.

Weather will soon be a factor as a storm pushing in from the West is bringing warm temperatures and mixed rain and snow. If they are lucky, it will subside before they have to deal with it. It will have an impact on trail conditions, but for today, it’s enjoy the moment of Iditarod Sled Dog racing and the world class competition.

A word of note concerning the standings at Iditarod.com– At this point in the race, communications is always an issue and this year proves not to be the exception. Tracker shows Pete in 10th position, though the Standings page just has him out of Skwentna.

Though I’m not a fan of the Iditarod tracker as the K300 and other races have way better analytics, it is all we have and the only way to really engage with the Iditarod is through the Ultimate Insider. It’s just under $40, but for a week of entertainment, it really is worth it. Someday they’ll get the tracker on board, but the Insider gets you access as well as interviews from the trail. Here’s the link to get started.

For today, as we all get into Iditarod Mode, let’s sit back and watch Team Kaiser make their way up the trail.

Go Team Kaiser!



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