Richie is headed to his First K300 Win!

Richie Diehl has held his lead all night and is expected into the Finish about 6:45. (I’ll see how close my prediction of 6:51 was!) Pete and the Team are about 8 miles behind with Nic Petit close behind. Pete looks to have had better speeds, but who knows what can happen in the last 10 miles or so. Fr. Alexander Larson and Isaac Underwood are just behind as well. It looks like we may have 4 of the top 5 Teams from the Kuskokwim!

This will be Richie’s first Kuskokwim 300 win and a first and maybe only Double Championship! He won the Bogus Creek 150 a couple of weeks ago as well.

Time to make some coffee and head on down to cheer on this great Musher!

Pete will be right behind, so it should be a really fun morning.

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