Akiak Dash – Always Exciting

Jenn with the Leaders

As K300 Teams were making their way into Bethel for the halfway checkpoint, an exciting race was building in front of Bethel. The Akiak Dash started at 2:00pm for a run up to Akiak and back. The sprint dogsled race is always exciting with Teams jockeying for position.

Kaiser Racing was represented by our own Jenn Peeks, of Bogus Creek 150 fame, for her second run in the race.

Napaskiak’s Jackie Larson was the winner followed by Matt Scott and his brother Greg Larson. Jenn finished in a very close 5th place. She said she had a great time and the Team, well of course they were awesome.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the amount of family involvement at Kaiser Racing. Each person is not only a family member, but a Team member, each chipping in to help out. I was surprised as Bethany grabbed the sled and wrapped it up and started putting dogs in the truck. Everyone has really grown to know all of the facets of the Team. Very cool!

Here are the photos! As per usual, when a Kaiser Team finishes, there are always people there to cheer on the finisher! Congrats Jenn on a fun race!


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