2021 Kuskokwim 300 Day!

K300 Starting Line – 2021

It’s late, but its ON!

I just got off the phone with Pete and he’s pretty excited to get on the trail. The 2021 Trail (description here) is changed, but the competition is hot as always! I just got back from the Start line and it looks great. I saw Jeff King setting up his sled, “Hey, Hey! Jeff King! Welcome to Bethel!” “Hey John!” He looked relaxed and said that snow and not too cold temps looked like fun!

As per usual, Pete Kaiser does a great job explaining what’s happening this year.

Here’s this year’s group of mushers. Like the Bogus Creek 150, the Teams will all leave in mass start. In other words at 6:30, the flag will drop and away they will go. It was super fun to watch for the Bogus Creek and I expect the same this evening.

1 – Dennis Kananowicz
2 – Dave Turner
3 – Pete Kaiser
4 – Jessica Klejka
5 – Aaron Peck
6 – Richie Diehl
7 – Matthew Failor
8 – Jeff King
9 – Joshua Cadzow
10 – Reese Madden
11 – Isaac Underwood
12 – Robert Redington
13 – Nate DeHaan
14 – Lewis Pavila
15 – Father Alexander Larson
16 – Nicolas Petit

Bib numbers are in the order of registration. Check out the Bio’s Here!

The weather is great, but a reminder that Covid-19 is on the prowl, so keep social distancing and enjoy the race. Here are the Kuskokwim 300 tips for watching the race, but as always, stay tuned to Kaiser Racing for updates from our perspective.

Go Team Kaiser!!



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