2021 K300 Finish Prediction – An Early Morning Wakeup

Hello Race Fans! It’s that time of the night on the Saturday of the Kuskokwim 300. When do we need to be at the Finish Line to see who claims victory?

Richie Diehl is just about into Tuluksak and a 4 hour mandatory layover. So if he reaches the Checkpoint by 10:30, he will be able to leave at 2:30am. It took Richie and his Team 4 hours and 21 minutes to make the trip from the Starting Line. Add them together and we are looking at a 6:51am possible Finish. Add a little fudge factor just in case he is in a hurry or if Pete closes the gap and they start running for the gold? I’d say it’s a good bet to set the alarm clock for 6:00am and check the tracker!

Weather for the evening is perfect. It’s a little chilly and there’s some Northeast wind to cool the trail from the warm day. Pete said today that the trail on the river was pretty soft, so a little chill will keep it hard and fast. (Hopefully) Both Pete and Richie are in a good position for the run as generally a trail degrades if it is too soft. I’d bet it will be better that it was going up. I guess we’ll see!

See Ya There!

Go Team Kaiser!!

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