The Trail Down River

Good Evening Race Fans!

It’s been a nice afternoon on the Yukon, but Teams are probably complaining a bit about the warm weather.

Pete and the Team left Ruby this afternoon after an exactly 4 hour rest break. Several other Teams took their 8 hour layover, but Pete, Richie, and others decided to head on downriver and reserve their 8 hour for later on down the trail. I’d bet that Pete will take his 8 in Kaltag before he heads out over the portage to Unalakleet. That has been his traditional spot.

Jessie Royer is still leading the pack, but it appears that Brent Sass is narrowing her lead little by little.

Pete is showing in 6th position, but Waerner and Burmeister are not too far behind him and they both have taken their 8 hour in Ruby.

This morning there was a Winter Watch with Blizzard conditions showing, but I am thinking that Mushers will just miss it as they head southwest this evening.

More soon!

Go Team Kaiser!

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