Rainy Pass in Sight- Can you say Perfect??

Pete and the Team are leading the pack into Rainy Pass Lodge with about a 2-3 mile (10-15min) lead over Travis Beals and Lance Mackey and about a 15 mile lead over Richie Diehl and many others (1hour 15min).

Looking at Pete’s run so far it just looks perfect.

Three six hour runs each followed by a two hour break. Pete will arrive into Rainy Pass Lodge with a good lead and the “heat of the day” which will allow a real nice break in the sun and easy snacks and food. I’m curious to see if he will move on out of the checkpoint, though, because with the good weather, I’m sure there will be media and tourists everywhere. We may see him move on up the trail and keep out of the sight of the masses. Our Insider friends will surely find him though, so we will hear how it is going pretty soon.

Of course it is really early. But Pete has to feel very good about this first 150 miles. Only 800 to go 🙂

What a great run! Go ahead… You know ya wanna…

Yell it out! Go Team Kaiser!!


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