Nice Day Off!

Next stop on the trail, Ophir. Here’s a few photos from the historic gold mining area.

I’ll have to admit it was a pleasant break from the tracker and a little time spent with the grandkids.

I’m sure Pete and the Team got a great recharge as well and are getting the last bits of shuteye before returning to the trail.

The plan for tonight is to move on up the trail to Ophir and then to Cripple Creek which is the halfway point in the race. From that point it is North to the Yukon and the town of Ruby.

Weather is sure to be a factor for the latter part of the race and temperatures are going to rise. Tonight it is pretty chilly again with McGrath showing -15F at this hour with calm winds. Teams are resting in Ophir, and other Teams have put their stake on the long run into Cripple. Mitch Seavey has done this several times, so it’s not a bad strategy, but it does require a good solid team to run the extra 100 miles before a 24 hour layover.

Pete will be able to leave at 2:59am.

We’ll see ya in the morning!

Go Team Kaiser!!


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