Midnight Run

A late evening update as movements on the trail are showing several differing strategies…

Rohn marks the end of the mountainous section of the Iditarod Trail and 148 miles down the trail lies the waiting traditional rest in Takotna. The chess match begins as Teams try to maximize run rest to get to a waiting 24 hour layover.

A few Teams stopped briefly and left Rohn, more than likely to stop at “Little Egypt”, a popular rest location near a mountain that looks like a pyramid. Other Teams are looking at how many run/rest cycles, considering weather and trail condition, it might take to run into Takotna.

Weather is cold and windy, which is brutal for man, but not as bad for the dogs as they are running and warm. Footcare will be important, but Teams will have their dogs coated for the 75 miles into Nikolai, 48 miles into McGrath, and then the final 18 into Takotna.

I’m thinking a longer break at Rohn means a Team will make the run all the way to Nikolai, rest, and then head out for Takotna. Teams that run into “Little Egypt” will lengthen their run tonight, while shortening the runs into Takotna. It’s a traditional question each year as to what Teams will do. 75 miles is a long run, but in the Kuskokwim 300 in Bethel, Teams traditionally run 100 miles before resting in Kalskag in that race. 75 miles to Nikolai – Take a break – 66 miles to Takotna – Take a layover.

As we are glued to the tracker, watch and see what happens! It’s going to be a long night ahead for the Teams, but another great race on the Iditarod Trail!

Pete is loving this, I’m sure. This is what he trains all year and thinks all year about!

Go Team Kaiser!!

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