Looking Up in Takotna

Things always look a lot better with bit of rest and a good meal! This morning Pete is in fine spirits and the dogs ate well last night. The whole team has been in puberty mode and thinking about other things than working and eating. Last night, however, the Team ate well and this morning look much better.

Pete also looks to be in really good spirits. Thanks to 10 years of experience and many trials and tribulations in races past, he is taking it in stride and looking forward to the trail ahead.

The weather in Takotna is beautiful with clear skies and and light winds. It’s a little chilly, but a straw bed and the brilliant sunshine make a cozy nest for our friends in the Team. That is pleasant news in other ways as the trail will stay hard and not get soft from the warmth. Tonight’s temperatures are forecasted to fall below zero which makes for excellent trail conditions. Add to the fact that once Pete leaves he will be running under the light of a full moon which should make for a beautiful trail up towards the Yukon River.

Unfortunately a shift in the weather is about to take place and will rear it’s head as the race heads towards the Bering Sea this weekend. Warm temperatures, south wind, and snow is predicted for the weekend in Unalakleet. A monster storm is approaching the Northwest Coast and it will impact the latter part of the race. I’ll keep you posted, but this isn’t going to be a weather free race. It’s bound to get exciting!

Pete arrived into Takotna at 1:23am this morning. He has a 24 hour mandatory layover and then he will have 96 minutes added to his rest to compensate for his starting position. There are 57 Teams that started the Race. The last Team has no differential. You take the amount of Teams minus the bib number times 2 minutes to calculate the differential. Pete is bib 9. 57-9=48X2=96 minutes. He will be able to leave Takotna at 2:59am early tomorrow morning. A bit extra time to get more food and relaxation!

Here’s Pete in Takotna this morning- Bruce Lee always gets a good interview-


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