Janet’s Iditaride

As Pete approaches the Finish Line, I wanted to stop and take a moment to remember a really cool moment for Kaiser Racing. As happens each year, the activities of the Start of the Iditarod happen swiftly and then the news starts coming in from the trail and before you know it we are at Takotna!! Then this year, with all of the distraction and apprehension about the Covid-19 virus, well, one really important story didn’t make the pages of Kaiser Racing Kennel!

Janet, Pete’s Mom, is easily Pete’s biggest fan! (no offense to Beth or the kids, of course) She get’s to be a bit of a nervous Nellie at times, but her pride is only matched by her love for a son that took his dream and made it reality.

Love is the cornerstone of the Kaiser family and it was so important to show just a little to his bride with her birthday gift of the Iditarider seat. This year especially was a bit expensive as Pete was the returning Champion. But it meant so much to Ron to have the whole family leave the Starting Line together.

You know the story– Pete heads off to college as is the normal thing to do, but spends his time studying and dreaming of running a professional dog Team. He heads back to Bethel and sits his parents down to tell them his plan. Sitting at their kitchen table must have been a bit nervous, but both Janet and Ron totally supported his decision. His mushing career began with him and his Mom and Dad… It was only fitting for them to leave as Champions together. To me, it’s almost a poetic statement.

Janet hardly slept before the race and was pretty nervous before sitting down in the sled. But then things got easier and way more fun! 3-2-1 GO! And they were off! As I can attest from my ride last year, it’s very exciting to hear the crowd cheering and all of the support of the fans. Janet had such a great time!

Here’s Janet’s ride to share with all of you! Her interview at the end is really “the best!” Go Team Kaiser!!

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