Into Nikolai with an Idog-a-Rider

Pete and the Team checked into Nikolai at 11:58am this morning carrying Bjork who was enjoying the ride. Unfortunately Bjork’s leisure had to be borne by the remaining 12 dogs in the Team. This slowed Team Kaiser a bit as they made their way to the Kuskokwim.

Pete arrived in 8th position after a group of Teams that has been pushing our friend Richie Diehl since Rohn. Richie arrived at 10:33am with a real fine looking Team as well.

I expect a good long break here as traditionally Teams stop in McGrath only to sign in and make their way to the Takotna checkpoint and most likely a 24 hour layover.

Weather today will be much warmer as the heat from the sun takes effect during the day. In interior Alaska, temperatures can fluctuate wildly from -25 at night in the dark to 25 degrees above during the day. With the great spring sunshine and clear skies, Teams will be basking in the sun as they rest today.

All the Teams that arrived before Pete looked real nice, so the gauntlet is thrown and any one of them could make a play for the lead. We are many days and miles from the finish, but you can look around and see who the competition will be later on.

If trail conditions and weather holds up, trail times could pick up dramatically as we move toward the Yukon and later to the coast.

What a great day for the Iditarod!

Go Team Kaiser!!

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