Into Elim- Interesting to See How Things Work Out – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Good Morning Race Fans!

Weather is getting warmer and warmer, but Pete and the Team seem to have turned the corner and trail times are looking real nice.

Last Year Nic Petit was unable to continue after some trouble on the trail to Koyuk. Today finds both Nic and Pete traveling together as they move closer to the finish. Both mushers are World-Class mid-distance champions and have had fine performances in past Iditarods. Both Teams also have had a challenging 2020 Iditarod with Pete having a stomach issue and Nic’s Team getting lost. To see them traveling together is a pretty cool thing in terms of sportsmanship. Always nice to be traveling with someone.

Pete was into Elim at 10:13 with 9 dogs. Weather in Elim is foggy and warm. Luckily it is just under freezing which actually make the trail really fast. Pete and Nic are showing the fastest Teams on the Trail at this point. Awesome!! Forecast is for warmer temperatures, I’m sure mushers are really anxious to get to the Finish Line for more reasons than one.

Unfortunately people’s attention is on the national health crisis that is underway presently, but we still have a dog race underway, so stay tuned! The Iditarod is actually the last sports event underway in the nation! One ironic tidbit about the race is that the United States is now in a serious health crisis. The Iditarod commemorates the run to Nome for a diptheria crisis. Sometimes it’s interesting how things work out.

For those of you with bit of the Green in your heritage- Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This writer is directly descended from the Isle of Shamrocks and Guinness and the land beyond the rainbow. My clan came across during the great Potato famine in the 1850’s.

Here’s how Nome celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Nome’s Mayor, Richard Beneville. A one of a kind Alaskan Mayor! He’s had a tough year with his health this year, so we wish him our best! This is last year’s celebration and parade in Nome! Erin Go Bragh!


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