A Little More Time…

Good Morning Race Fans!

I’m sure you all were doing the same thing I was this morning. Rubbing your eyes and wondering where Pete and the Team were. Hmmm… They should have left by now shouldn’t they? I know that’s what my eyes were telling me šŸ™‚

The problem with Kaltag is that phone service is very limited and with no interview by the Insider, we are only left to speculate.

Whatever the situation might have been, Pete thought it necessary to take a good long break in Kaltag before returning to the trail. The Team looked to be in good spirits upon arriving, but as Pete went through the Team he may have decided that a bit more rest would do them good. Either way, after a 13 hour break, he left Kaltag just after his buddy Richie Diehl.

The Iditarod is a long grueling race and I would imagine it feels pretty good to talk to your friend and build up each other now and then. Just a bit of encouragement is a bit like “home” and I’m sure boosts the mood out there. When things aren’t going as well as you’d like it’s always good to have your partner around! Richie and Pete are traveling together at this point and that will be helpful as they get back on track.

The bottom line, always, is keeping the Team happy and healthy and I’m sure that’s what’s going on. Both Teams have been dealing with dogs in heat and that has become the issue for them in this race.

The good thing this morning is that the weather has cooled just a little and visibility is way better. Light winds on their backs will make for a scenic trip over the portage to Unalakleet. With warm temperatures, let’s hope the trail has packed a little and is in good shape for Pete and the Team.

Stay tuned and let’s cheer on our “Champ”!! Go Team Kaiser!! Go Richie!

Here’s Unalakleet this morning-



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