2020 Iditarod Homecoming – Sleeping at Home!

Good Morning Race Fans!

With all of the changes to our lives, one benefit to Pete and the Team is that they were able to sleep at home after finishing! Pete is still recovering from his stomach bug, so it was huge to be home. The Team as well were very excited.

We can’t say enough about our sponsor and friend, RyanAir. They are always there for Pete and the Team as well as for Richie Diehl and Ryan Redington. As soon as Pete and the Team were checked out by the Iditarod Veterinarians, they were whisked up to the Nome Airport where a RyanAir Cessna 208 Caravan was waiting to take them to Bethel. Upon arrival Pete crossed the “finish line” one more time to an eagerly awaiting family. Bethany and the kids were super excited to see Daddy come home. They are always at the finish of races, but under these conditions stayed home in support of CDC recommendations.

As the plane rounded the corner, Ari said, “I see it!” The plane pulled up and shutdown and the little family was escorted to the plane to see Pete finally after almost 10 days. Little Aylee was smiling ear to ear.

As always, Rick Hanson was there with his trailer to help out and get the Team to the yard. Upon arrival at the yard, the dogs went wild to see their Teammates come home. The puppies, new to all of this, were really curious. Soon they will know as some of them will begin training and may make the 2021 Iditarod Team.

Pete has been battling a stomach bug since Galena. He is on the mend, but being at home was huge for him. He was tired and just ready to slip under the covers at home and get some needed shuteye.

Thank you all for your support! Thanks again to RyanAir for all of your support. Boyuk, Lee, and the entire RyanAir family are our family! We really appreciate your help!!!

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