2020 Iditarod – Finish!

Pete and the Team crossed the 2020 Finish Line at 12:56:19 to claim 14th place!

He has to be so proud of the 2020 Team. Crossing the line with 9 dogs, the dogs had tails up and were lunging to go. What a beautiful sight! Not only that, but Team Kaiser has had the fastest Safety to Nome time so far at 2 hours 47 minutes! That’s 33 minutes faster than the Thomas Waerner over the last 22 miles of this 975 mile race! NICE!

Total Elapsed time for 2020 is 9 days 22 hours 56 minutes and 19 seconds which is pretty similar to his 2018 race where he finished in 5th place.

With all activities cancelled, mushers will collect their prize money and be off to their homes this year. We are so lucky to have Ryan Air in our corner! A Ryan Caravan will be whisking Team Kaiser back to Bethel this afternoon. So different from the long week after a finish. Pete is going to enjoy sleeping in his own bed on the day he finishes. That’s never happened before!!

A big thank you to all of your support throughout the Race Season. Kaiser Racing wants to wish you the very best. Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

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