Un-Pete-able! King of the Kuskokwim!

Un-Pete-able is how his nephew described him!

This Kuskokwim 300 was as tough as it gets with such great competition. Pete had his work cut out for him from the day training season began this fall. The pressure to do well is something that is the fabric of who Pete Kaiser is, but with multiple K300 wins and the 2019 Iditarod Championship under his belt, there had to be a little more pressure to do well.

Pete has been training on the tundra in the fall time and then with the snowmachine later. Training conditions have been better than warm years past, but there is never a year where conditions are perfect.

Pete was very happy with the Team. They looked beautiful coming across the line. Richie Diehl described the Team as “smooth” and “fluid” Nice compliments from Pete’s upriver friend.

A huge crowd had gathered to see their Champion pull off a win. Everyone wanted a snapshot with him before he could head home to bed down the Team, have a pancake with some friends, and then off to slumberland.

Here are some photos from the finish! Congratulations Pete! Go Team Kaiser!

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