Past Akiachak headed for the Finish!

Good Morning Race Fans!

While we slept (Or at least I did for a few hours – haha!) Pete and the Team have been cruising down the trail towards the 2020 Kuskokwim 300 Finish Line.

As Matt Scott can tell you, anything can happen in the short distance between Akiachak and Bethel. Pete checked out of Tuluksak after his 4 hour layover right on time at 3:57am with 11 dogs. 10 minutes later Richie Diehl and Matt Failor took chase.

Over the last couple of hours Pete has opened up the interval to about 40 minutes and the Tracker Raceflow shows the lead to be increasing.

Vertical lines are faster. More “Up” means “More Speed”

The fastest Akiak musher made the run from Akiachak to Bethel in about one hour 30 minutes as did the Bogus Creek Teams.

We are looking at a finish near 9am, so time to make some coffee and get ready to head down to the festivities around 8:30 or so. (Trackers can be wrong and you don’t want to be late! Been there. Done that!)

The question mark is whether Matt and Richie have been holding back and will make a run for it. Anything can happen in dog sled racing, but I guarantee it will be an exciting finish!

After a nice warm temperature spike to 6 above last night temps have fallen to -6 under clear skies and a sliver of the moon shining. So dress warm and we will see you at the Finish!

GO Team Kaiser!

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