Bogus Barn Burner

As per usual, the Bogus Creek is heating up to be an exciting finish. Father Alexander Larson has been leading the race all night, but hot on his heels is last year’s winner Jason Pavilla and Matt Scott, both who are having great race times. Ron is in 4th position about 4 miles back from the leader.

The leaders have made their way back onto the Gweek river and are about 13 miles from the Finish at 9am this morning. I’d guess we are looking at a 10:15-11:00am finish for the top 4 Teams.

Times are pretty identical to last year, but it has slowed on the last part of the race since Tuluksak. It will be interesting to hear tails from the trail 🙂

The Top 3 Teams are surely going for it, so grab a cup of coffee and head on down to see the finish!

Go Ron Kaiser!!

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