2020 K300 Starting Line Photos – Pete Kaiser

As we look through these memories of a really nice start to the race, Pete and many Teams are through Tuluksak and bound for Kalskag. It is a clear, cold night with brisk temperatures, but little wind so far. Teams are making good times up the trail with Jeff King leading a close group up the Kuskokwim. We can’t “see” him, though, because his tracker isn’t working. Back to the imagination fo what is really happening. I guess we will find out in several hours.

Pete and Team Kaiser arrived into Tuluksak at 11:12pm in a pack of 12 Teams within 6 minutes of each other. Jeff King arrived at 10:55, about 10 minutes ahead of the pack. It is so early, that this is pretty normal and the next 5o mile run into Kalskag will begin to show what Team placement.

I teased both Myron and Jeff about being “old timers” in the drawing photo album, but it seems that Jeff is looking for another jewel to make it an even 10 K300 wins!

Here are Pete and the Team at the Starting Line: Go Team Kaiser!

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