Where’s the story?

I’ve made it my mission to try to get posts and photos to web for you, our Kaiser Racing fan, as fast as possible for all these years. Running to the computer to try to let you see and read what happened.

So where is the story of the greatest achievement that Pete has here to date accomplished?


As a photographer and writer, my job is to try to capture that moment and put it to words and images to allow you to share just a bit of what happened. When I look at the photos I am often so disappointed because they never fully see and the words never fully explain those events.

Pete Kaiser – Iditarod Champion. I was there and I saw and felt the emotion of what we shared with Pete as he crossed the line to fulfill his childhood dream.

Try as I might I’ve not been able to fully express those words until today. I was feeling bad about it until last night when I was spending some time with the Granddaddy of Kaiser Racing, Bill Eisenbart. Bill is a quiet, well spoken person who lives a very old fashioned traditional lifestyle– Fishing by dogsled, cutting wood for heat, building things instead of buying. As we walked and talked last night he said to me, “I’m having a hard time putting it in words…”

Me too, Bill. Me too…

Later today I’ll post my attempt at sharing what we saw and what we were a part of as we shared this victory, but more, this realization that dreams do come true.

Last Year Pete said this to me as we talked about the Iditarod Challenge and Life in general, “…if you want to do something that is worthwhile it is likely to be difficult.”

That has been my challenge in describing what this means. It’s more than the pictures and words. It’s a very special moment for Pete, for his family, for his region, for rural Alaska, and for the mushing community. But it is become a difficult story to write.

Stay tuned!

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