Pinch Me! Is This Really Happening? Pete into Koyuk First!

Ring, Ring, Ring!

Hello? “Are you seeing this?” Michelle Dewitt on the phone.

“Uh, Yeah!” We were up all night!

Everyone at Kaiser Racing is going a bit crazy! We kind of have to pinch ourselves to really get a feel for what we are seeing!

Of course the Tracker has been a bit uncooperative, but we just saw Pete and the Team arrive into Koyuk with a good lead over Joar Leifseth-Ulsom.

Here’s how it went down.

Ding. My text goes off… It’s Bethany, Pete’s Wife. “Are you up?”

“Yeah- Are you  seeing this? Pete is out of Shak!!!”

I quickly write a story and get on Facebook. Before you know it there are over 30 people watching together as Pete approaches and then passes Nic Petit who’s tracker has him stopped just a couple of miles from the Shelter Cabin where we had expected him to camp. It was odd. Petit’s tracker has slowed and then stopped and then a slow movement and then finally stopped for good. Was it the Tracker? Or had Nic’s Team quit?

Pete was out of Shaktoolik at 1:28am. Joar was out 13 minutes after.

As they moved forward through the night the group of us on Facebook just went wild! Would Nic jump up and start running? He had done this on the Yukon river a couple of days ago. Was it going to happen again?

Mile after mile they got closer. And then click, click, click. Pete passed and then Joar passed.

No movement from Nic. Was this really happening?

We all went crazy! Pete was the true leader!

I fell asleep and then the phone started ringing again. “Where’s Pete?” The tracker had lost Pete and it showed Joar leading.

And then just a couple of miles from Koyuk, there he was, big as day! Pete Kaiser about 45 minutes in front of Joar. He had made really good time on the trip North!

Pete arrived into Koyuk at 8:54 with 10 dogs. Expect a break here as he prepares to head to White Mountain where he and the Team will have a mandatory 8 hour break. 100 miles to get there.

News from the trail is that Nic had a fight in his Team and then they stopped. He was unable to get them to move again, so he just camped in place.

Pinch Me!! Team Kaiser is Leading the Iditarod!

Update- Joar into Koyuk about 1:04 after Pete.

Go Team Kaiser!!

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