Pete Kaiser – Into Elim… Decisions, Decisions.

Pete is into Elim at 9:51pm. The question now is whether to stay and rest or to keep on going to White Mountain.

Last year Joar made the run into Elim in 7 hours 5 minutes and kept going non-stop into the 8 hour layover.

This decision is really a tough one. The leader has to figure out whether to rest and risk the chaser to just run past, or to keep running and risk tiring a Team that has been on the trail for many hours.

I just spoke with Myron Angstman and talked with him about Pete’s dilemma. He said that basically Pete’s best option might be to make a temporary decision. Basically stop and snack and water and rest the Team. If Joar sees that and he goes through, then Pete can still move, but with the added benefit of a bit of rest, some water and food. A definite advantage.

He also said that Pete has been around Joar’s Team a lot over the last days. He knows what they are capable of and whether in a foot race to the finish, Pete could overtake Joar if he was to pull into the lead.

The excitement is building as Pete, Joar and Jessie make their way West toward White Mountain.

One other notable tidbit from my conversation with Mr. Angstman. He told me that Nils Hahn said the trail from White Mountain to Nome is packed hard and fast. That favors Team Kaiser as they do great in those conditions.

Stay tuned! It’s going to be another long run and long night! But hey, You are Veteran Trail watchers now!! Haha!

People are arriving by the planeload as we gather to cheer on Pete and the Team into Nome! If you can’t make it, we know you are with us in spirit!

Go Team Kaiser!


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