Pete is Through Safety at Midnight – Joar 40 Minutes Behind Chasing

Folks, it’s still a nailbiter as Pete is leading Joar out of Safety and soon will come around the last hills to see the glow of Nome in the dark sky.

After more than 950 miles together, the race between Pete and Joar is coming down to the wire and I believe we will see them both under the burled arches together.

If you haven’t signed up to be an Insider and can’t be here, it’s worth the few dollars just to see this play out online.

Safety is 22 miles from Nome or 2 1/2 to 3 hours of trail time.

Last year Joar made the run in 3 hours. I’m thinking a similar time which would make for a 3 am checkin  time. Giving yourself ample time not to miss it, I would be up by 2:30 at the latest.

This is an exciting time and we could see the culmination of a childhood dream right before our very eyes.

Pete left college, came home and told his parents he wanted to much dogs. Little did they realize that he was beginning a new learning career that, similar to college, has culminated with the degrees of knowledge. If you were to say that he earned his Master’s Degree with the four consecutive Kuskokwim Wins. This Iditarod Win, if it happens, could almost be described as his Phd.

Everyone, of course, is on pins and needles as we cheer on Pete and the Team and click refresh on the Tracker.

An honorable mention goes out to all of the Sponsors, especially Donlin Gold, Lynden, Ryan Air, Drew’s Foundation, and Northern Air Cargo, as well as Pete’s many family and friends, and lastly you the fan, who have been with him throughout his journey! Congratulations as whatever happens tonight could not have been done without your support.

Go Team Kaiser!

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