On the Move. Pete Strikes out for Koyuk

Throw away the Kaiser gamebook folks! Pete is penciling in a new play in the 4th quarter!

After a 3 hour 30 minute rest in Shaktoolik, Pete quietly took off and headed North towards a sleeping Nic Petit and a longer trail around the bay to Koyuk. He was probably seeing what we saw– Something not quite right with the camp spot of Nic Petit.

I was talking to Myron Angstman on Sunday afternoon and asked him what would it take for Pete to win this race. He said, “Quite frankly, make up time where you can or take advantage of every opportunity”

Is this the opportunity? Apparently Pete thinks so and is on the move. Nic cannot know they are coming. So in effect they are sneaking up on him.

In an hour or so, we will see as Pete pulls up on Nic. Nic’s reaction to Pete will really be the “tell” of what’s happening. Similar to when Nic was camped on the Yukon, once Pete and Joar came by, Nic sprang to and was off in chase.

As it sits now, Pete has left Shaktoolik with Joar right on his tail! Ready or not, here they come!!

More excitement! Sunday is over, but hardly and we are seeing great racing tonight! So awesome to see the replay of the Kuskokwim 300 played out on the larger Iditarod stage!

Stay tuned! I know it’s late, but we are seeing our man, Mr. Kaiser and his Team run a race we have never seen before! I don’t know about you, but I’m not sleeping!! This is as good as it gets! Teams moving on a Team resting. If Pete passes he will be the true leader. Then the next challenge is to hold off Joar.

For now, Ssslippery Pete is sneaking North!

Go Pete Kaiser! GO Team Kaiser!!

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